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You want to surf, search and enjoy social networking but you want to avoid infected websites.

With AVG LinkScanner checking every web page before you even click on a link, you'll know for sure that you, your identity, your personal information and your PC will never be compromised.

Finds threats other software might miss

Unique, preventative, real-time protection.As soon as you complete a search or type a web address into your browser AVG LinkScanner interrogates the page before it loads in your browser.If it discovers suspect code it stops you opening it.

AVG LinkScanner Secure Browsing
AVG LinkScanner Secure Browsing offers you a unique benefit.It's able to pro-actively prevent infection.It does this by going way beyond the approach of most security software that only look for threats already known to the security community.AVG LinkScanner Secure Browsing actually checks sites before they load in your browser for the type of dodgy code cybercriminals use.This means that, even if the threat is new, or only placed on a site you trust for a few hours, AVG LinkScanner Secure Browsing will find it in real time and block access to the site.

AVG LinkScanner Secure Browsing protects you when you enter a web address directly into your browser, when you click links on search engines or social networking sites, and when your programs or applications access the Internet for automatic downloads or updates.

Rates each link for safety

Scans search results and security rates each link.You immediately know which site to trust and which to avoid.

AVG LinkScanner Secure Search
AVG LinkScanner Secure Search provides security ratings against each link your search offers, allowing you to assess the safety of every site you're interested in before you go there.Each site is allocated one of four levels of safety rating with each level colour-coded so that you immediately know which sites to trust and which to avoid.AVG LinkScanner Secure Search works with Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other popular search providers.


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